Pawsitive Changes

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Dog Training Struggle?

There's a Game For That!

Achieving Real-Life Transformation Through Dog Training Games!

The Amazing Gamechangers

Our clients range from the very wealthy, professional athletes, or just ordinary people and their family pet that have seen extraordinary transformations through inspiring their dogs through our Pawsitive Changes simple 3-minute games, rather than punishing, depriving or intimidating them!

Pawsitive Changes revolutionary approach to dog training

At Pawsitive Changes our pet training starts with one simple discovery – you can shape your dog’s brain to make great choices by playing simple fun and exciting games with them! Games teach your pet focus, self-control and even to be more optimistic in the face of scary things! Does your pet have an area of struggle? Believe it or not there really is a fun game for that! Let us teach it to your pet.

Is Your Pet Facing a Struggle? There's a Fun Game We Train Your Pet for That!

Whatever the struggle with your dog, there’s an exciting and fun game that works! The thing about games, they are crazily fun and it simply doesn’t feel like training to pet. So many training techniques try and get you and your dog to confront the problem, usually resulting in worsening and complete overwhelm (and you feel rubbish about it too!)

Let Us Teach these Fun Training Games to Your Special Pet Today!


“Working with Tom and Lauren is gamechanging!! Training through games is fun, pressure free and really transfers to real life. Their methods are innovative and their teaching is always full of inspiration & energy. Being able to grow a confident and optimistic dog through their training has been a true dream.”

Lucy, UK

Games Shape Your Dog’s Personality and Choices

The reason games work is because they teach concepts, concepts like self-control, optimism, confidence and focus! These concepts then come in handy in other contexts outside of the game – real-life situations! Think of situations like the moment your dog sees the squirrel or the other dog or visitors come to your house! When we’re done training your pet you will see an immediate difference. Let’s get your pet with the program. Start today!


We transform the struggles of today to develop the strengths of tomorrow!

Many struggles you have with your dog like barking, pulling on lead often relate to an emotion! These dogs often get labelled stubborn, evil, “dominant” and generally unfriendly – actually they are worried! All the behaviours they could choose when experiencing fear are typically ones we don’t want – BUT – there’s a GAME for that!

A calm dog is a happy, health and long-lived dog and, here’s the crazy thing, you could never train your dog any behaviour or “command” but teach them to be calm through games and they’ll be the easiest, most well behaved dog you could imagine! Calmness is KING!